Solo Trip to Rome

Actually this trip is done quite long time ago, i went to rome by myself on July 15th 2016 after finishing my study in netherland.

But suddenly i want to post some photos when i was in Rome. Anw its just a short trip because i didnt have so much time until i go back to my country.

Trevi fountain

I went to rome by flight from barcelona. Then from the airport to Rome termini i took bus called terravision in which i bought the ticket before i arrived in Rome. Rome termini was so crowded, even so the trevi fountain it was full of people. But the fountain it self was awesome, i never imagined it would be that huge.

Nutella and vanilla gelato in front of pantheon

A little bit walk from trevi fountain i found pantheon, decided to stroll around while eating gelato. It was so good though i forgot the price now. As you can see it was very crowded as well. and very hot.

panorama in piazza navona

After pantheon, i went to piazza navona, there’s also wonderful fountain with sculptures on them called fiumi fountain. Piazza navona filled with many caricature artists.


Colosseum’s really huge.omg.

Arch of constantine

located near colloseum

panorama view of St.Peter’s basilica

it was totally beautiful although the tourists agents kinda ruin it.

Rome was my very first solo trip ever. Its kinda scary cause its totally different with netherland, the people is not as friendly but they are willing to help if you ask. It’s definitely one worthy experiences.

I stayed at Hostella (female only) near Rome Termini. Paid 35euros for a night in 4 bed dorm room with bathroom inside and got free breakfast as well. People in the hostel’s very friendly, lots of korean tourists which is a good thing for me to practice my korean. The souvenirs in rome is much cheaper then souvenir sold in other city like berlin, paris and barcelona.

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All pictures above taken by me with iPhone 5


Tuesday, have no class at uni, decided to update.

so here i am in one small city in Netherland, gonna stay here for around 6 months coz of exchange student. so from now on until around july (probably) every update will come from Deventer, Netherland.

I just arrived around 2 weeks or so, day 4 on sunday me and some friends decided to stroll around the centruum. let me repeat, on SUNDAY, have no idea that stores will be closed and all. Luckily we found doner kebab restaurant called Donerix.


Ordering what is called “broodje doner chicken special” (kinda not sure that this is the exact name but oh,well) anw. what i’m ordered not the wrap kind of kebab, its more like a burger with chicken meat and salad inside.

inside there are chicken meat, cabbage, jalapeno, pickles, cucumber, tomato, etc.

And its soooooo gooooooooood. like, so good. back in Indonesia i have not tried like the real kebab (not saying that this is real) but its so good. the salad is definitely fresh, the chicken is juicy and kinda sweet, the bread(?) is so good and crispy. For 4.5 euros it fills me up. (side note: my asian body really think european portion is really huge)

SO. G-O-O-D.

Bad side: no wifi :(:(:(, not really spacious restaurant though i’m okay with it.

inside the resto

my first time being far away for home for months. trying to get used to this beautiful small city.


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Visited Beatrice Quarters (kelapa gading branch) for the first time last week, was quite a good experience. Beatrice Quarters was kind of like thematic cafe i would say, all the pinkish and balloons make you feel like you barging in to someone’s birthday party.


Anyhow, i visited Beatrice Quarters on monday for lunch. First time coming, not sure what food to get so i choose the ‘safe option’ which is creamy pasta. Hoping that it would not get me down. Ordered salmon creamy pasta and friend ordered aglio olio with mushroom. After waited about 15 minutes than the food came out. The presentation is just okay, expect it to be more than this since the ambience of cafe is rather strong with all the pink and cute stuff.

           thumb_IMG_3226_1024 thumb_IMG_3229_1024

But the taste is delish tho. I thought the creamy pasta would be like thick cream but it came out like a soup texture. Its good, the salmon also good not overcooked or anything. The portion was just right too, had many times ordering delish creamy-kind pasta but too full to ate it all because the portion is too big but i can finished this one up. Tried out friend’s aglio olio, to be honest i’m not really fan of aglio olio thing, but like a lot cos the garlic is strong but not too strong. Lovin the mushroom! Next time i visit, would definitely order the aglio olio.

thumb_IMG_3227_1024Ordering their dessert too.They have honey toast, toast, mille feuille, and cakes. Interested in their apple and cinnamon mille feuille with vanilla ice cream (you can choose between chocolate and vanilla ice cream). Nice dessert afterall liking the apple texture ,was not too sweet (thanks to the cinnamon), it was big tho you can share between 2 people.

thumb_IMG_3182_1024What i like the most about this cafe/restaurant is that is not that expensive but still you can get the good food and dessert. Its not only all about the cute stuff but also good food. Service is excellent!


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First time visiting ‘mad for garlic’ ever about two weeks ago. Located at ground floor Grand Indonesia, right next to ‘olivier’. Lucky enough to get table because it was saturday night.

Decoration inside the restaurant
Decoration inside the restaurant

As it was my first time ever, i’m not quite sure on what to get, so i just play safe and ordered something familiar like pasta (afraid to try the unfamiliar one because the price is no joke). At the end, i ordered ‘chicken and spinach pasta’, dad ordered ‘dancing salsa rice with beef’ which is one of their signature dishes, and also ‘philly cheese pizza’ for sharing.

philly cheese pizza (around IDR100000, but fills up to 4 person)
philly cheese pizza (around IDR100000, but fills up to 4 person)

The pizza came first, and it was delish. I thought the taste will just cheesy, but no, the bellpepper really gave refreshing taste. The portion was quite big, you can share it for like 4 people and it will fill you up. The pasta came, and the portion is just average for one people. Its not really creamy but it really fill you up, i need to forced myself to eat all the pasta. Its taste okay, not really delicious or anything, just okay, i expect it to be more than just that. One thing is quite special, when the pasta came, waitress asked me whether i want cheese on top of my pasta so i said yes and he grated the cheese in the table with rotary cheese grater (need to googled it first to find out the name haha), its quite cool in my opinion.

chicken and spinach cream pasta (costs around IDR95thousand, can be shared between two people)
chicken and spinach cream pasta (costs around IDR95thousand, can be shared between two people)

The dancing salsa rice with beef is good, they served it on hotplate and cooked/mixed it in our table. It kinda reminds me of pepper lunch way of serving (instead of yourself you got another person to cook it for ya). The taste just so so, they gave you a lot of beef tho so thats nice.

Our table
Our table

As for the beverages, i tried out the lemon tea, the sourness and sweetness was just right. Mom tried out their virgin mojito and its very very very sour, its like lemonade without lemon in it so i thought it was weird


Time is so damn slow, I’m just growing old, I live like I’m dead
I have so many damn things to do but I have nothing that I want to do

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Dessert parlour from ‘ismaya group’. when it first opened,  it quickly became the ‘it’ place. reasons are simple, the place is cute (really cute), comfy to spend hours to talk with friends, cakes are cute and some of them are delish,of course the most important is ‘camera friendly’, everything about this store is just worth to take a picture from decoration till the cakes. First collete & lola i visited is the one in Senopati, parking lot is quite small, therefore they provided vallet parking which i forgot the fee for that.

bunch of cakes- the one on the very left is lola bar
bunch of cakes – the one on the very left is lola bar

I’ve ate their ‘lola bar’, chocolate cake with hint of caramel and peanut butter. This, i would say, is the cake version of snickers bar. It really tastes the same, and its delicious. i like it a lot, chocolatey but not too sweet, thanks to the peanut butter.

berry-rose cake. costs around IDR 30thousand
rose-berry cake – costs around IDR 30thousand

I also ate their ‘rose-berry’, sponge cake with raspberry and rose cream. Not really like it, its a bit too sweet in my opinion. I expected it to be more sour and fruity rather than just sweet. their big macs too (big version of macaron) is also good, its far better than i was expected, i expected it too be overly sweet, the cookie would be no good but i was wrong.

Frozen hot chocolate - costs around IDR50-55 thousand
Frozen hot chocolate – costs around IDR50-55 thousand

About the beverages, its quite good. I’ve ordered the hot chocolate and frozen hot chocolate. the hot chocolate is okay, resembles the hot chocolate made from ‘djournal coffee‘, no wonder since they collaborate (and under the same group anyway). but i supposed some people will say its too sweet. The frozen hot chocolate, is just ice blend chocolate, it tastes a-ma-zing, really love it, love the marsh on top too.

Services is just average. The staffs in Kelapa Gading outlet is much more friendlier and really excited to explain you the cake one by one and give recommendation. The staffs in Senopati outlet, is just doing their job to answering your question and serves you the cakes and drinks.


I guess its time to run, far far away. Find comfort in pain

How i wish i could choose between heaven and hell, how i wish i would save my soul

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Tokyo belly, belongs to ‘Ismaya Group’,located in Grand Indonesia (recently  they opened new one in Kelapa Gading Mall). Before Tokyo Belly opened in Grand Indonesia, it was ‘Mr.Curry’ restaurant that also belongs to ‘Ismaya Group’ i really liked Mr.Curry, they offered various kind of japanese curry rice(and ramen).IMG_0617

So when it closed and changed to Tokyo Belly i was a bit dissapointed. But it turns out since they both belong to ‘Ismaya Group’ the taste of their curry is almost the same, though the variety they offered not as many as ‘Mr.Curry’.

“Tori karaage curry rice” – damn good, it was mild spicy, the karaage is delish.

I’ve ate their tori karaage curry rice,tori karaage omurice (not really up to my liking), and their ramen. Their ramen is nice, the broth is fresh, the noodle is good, they also offered bunch of topping for the ramen. My favorite is ‘korean beef kimchee ramen’, the broth is fresh and spicy but not too spicy so you can still enjoy it without burning your tongue (and stomach), the noodle (i always choose ‘thick and curly’) is good too. But the most important of Japanese Ramen is of course the egg right? well, tokyo belly also serves soft boiled egg on their ramen.

Tori karaage omurice”  – didn’t really like it.          
“Royal beef roll” – me,personally,will not recommend the sushi. if you want sushi,its better to eat at another ismaya restaurant “sushi grxxxe“.

As for the beverages, i only drink their ocha (refill), never tried their dessert.

And for service, i noticed by many times i came to their restaurant, when its morning they are very friendly, but when its noon the staffs are really slow whether just to hand out the menu book, to take your order, or simply just asking for bills. About two weeks ago, i came and it was past lunch time, it took 35minutes to get my ‘crispy chicken katsu ramen’. But, oh well, this restaurant will always be my fave option to eat whenever i came to Grand Indonesia.

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Bakerzin. Always like their cakes, its one of the best. Their macaron is also good, i especially like the one that has rose (something) on it.

Chocolate & Nutella Mousse Cake

Their main course also not bad, the salmon is awesome, totally worth the price. ‘Bakerzin gourmet burger’ is delish, the patty and sauteed mushroom is good and mashed potato complements the dish really well.

IMG_2631As for the beverages, their italian soda is just averagely good (if u kno what i mean), the ice honey lemon is nice.

IMG_2629“Bakerzin Kelapa Gading” The only bakerzin i ever went to besides the one in central park.

Bakerzin in Kelapa Gading recently did some renovation. getting prettier, getting comfier. sometimes the staffs can be really slow, i really like the staffs in central park more just because they are more friendly.

I don’t know if this promo still exist, but at certain hour there is a high tea package in which you can purchase a cake and any kind of beverages in cheaper price.


“And all my friends have gone to find, another place to let their hearts collide. Just promise me, you’ll always be a friend, cause you’re the only one”

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